OMJ FB Groups Terms and Conditions

How to Contact us: If there is something that ABSOLUTELY requires an Admins attention, please contact us by sending an email to Contacting OMJ! Administration any other way will not get responded to. If we receive 3 complaints (from 3 different people) about a post, comment, or member we will then remove that post, comment, or member.

**Facebook Update** You can now report a post in a facebook group to an Admin. Simply click the arrow in the top right corner of a post and click on REPORT TO ADMIN

Official Guidelines for Members (Terms and Conditions)

1. The name “One Mans Junk”, the abbreviation “OMJ”, the OMJ! Logo and all official OMJ Docs are the Intellectual Property and Copyrights/Trademarks of OMJ and are not allowed to be altered or used in any capacity, including, but not limited to, opening any additional OMJ Groups, web sites, internet pages etc. Violators of this will be prosecuted in a court of law.

2. OMJ User Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

3. OMJ is in NO WAY responsible for anything posted in any of the OMJ FB Groups. Furthermore, OMJ will not be held, in any way, liable for anything posted or any transactions made through any of the OMJ Groups. This includes but is not limited to money, trades and/or promises. You take full responsibilty for your own posts, comments and/or dealings with others and agree to use the group at your own risk.

4. OMJ reserves the right to remove any post for any reason without notice or explanation.

5. Don’t be rude, opinionated, condescending or use profanity in the group. We are all Adults, lets please act like it. This is a public place just like the grocery store.

6. Although there are currently no limits to the number of PERSONAL posts any one person can post in the OMJ Groups, please be courteous by not posting excessively. There is only 1 wall for everyones posts to be displayed. We STRONGLY reccommend that you post items with photos somewhere outside of the group (ie, create an album on your personal FB page, on our Official FB Page and then SHARE it to the Group(s) when possible. This is better for you anyways because you will always be able to find your pics/albums and if you are a part of multiple selling groups, you can post once and share to all of them with just a few clicks. Retailers* are welcome to post in any of the OMJ Groups but this is not a retail sales place so they should be limited to a MAXIMUM of 2 DIFFERENT posts per day.

7. Because a COMMENT on a post moves that post to the top of the page, OMJ asks that you DO NOT purposely make comments on your posts or anyone elses posts to simply move it to the top. If after 24 hours, an item you have posted has not yet been commented on, you MAY then comment on your own post and say…”THIS ITEM IS STILL AVAILABLE” which will move your post to the top and put it back “IN PLAY” and you may do so every 24 hours thereafter provided there was no comments on your post in that 24 hour period. Any posts seen to be commented on, by the original poster or anyone else, to simply move it to the top, outside of the previous guidelines, will be automatically removed from the thread. Reposting an item inside of 24 hours is not a work around to this guideline. AMENDED 6/7/11 – This does not apply to Official posts for communication to our users by OMJ or its Admins

8. If you see someone waiting to be added to the group in the top right corner (this means they have requested to join), please add them by clicking ADD. If for any reason you feel hesitant or uneasy to add someone, just don’t or click IGNORE.

9. OMJ asks that once a post (photo, text or shared) is no longer valid, that you DELETE that post IMMEDIATELY. Again, failure to follow this guideline and continuing to post photos directly in to the group will result in the photos section of the group becoming unaccessible and eventually the entire group may lock down due to overload.

10. Because every post or comment triggers a notification to all OMJ Users of that particular Group, OMJ asks that you PLEASE do not have Social Conversations in the Comment Thread under any post. Move that conversation to an IM, INBOX or on your personal Facebook page.

11. If you are involved with a “Home Business” (ie MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales etc.) you may post your Products/Services that you have available but must follow the REATAILER guideline found in T&C #6. Please DO NOT post your “OPPORTUNITY”. However, if someone posts something expressing interest in a Job/Position/Work, you may comment on that post about your “OPPORTUNITY”.

12. OMJ is a place to list Goods, Services & things you are seeking. We strive to keep this a fun and POSITIVE enviroment. If you have an issue with a Buyer/Seller, please take that up with the Buyer/Seller on an individual basis via a Private Message or Email in a curteous professional manner. DO NOT post your issue for discussion. This is NOT a discussion Forum. If you want drama and negativity, turn on your Television.

13. Kmart wouldn’t let Walmart advertise in their store to take their customers so OMJ feels it is not good business to promote other buying/selling web sites that are similar to OMJ, for the purpose of recruiting OMJ members to that site, in any of our OMJ groups. When this is found, the original poster will be removed from any and all of our OMJ FB Groups. It is, however, ok to link/share an item that you have posted on another site/group, to post on OMJ.

14. For the Safety of all of our OMJ users, if you find a member to be suspicious (ie fake name, profile pic, profile on complete lockdown, newly created account, limited to no friends etc.), simply file a formal complaint.

15. Now that OMJ’s official web site,, is LIVE, members have FULL PERMISSION to share as many of their OMJlist Classified Ads from OMJlist to any and all of our OMJ FB Groups as much and as often as you like.

Things Not Allowed To Be Posted with OMJ (Groups or Site)

1. Firearmes of ANY kind.

2. Drugs (prescription or otherwise)

3. Drop Side Cribs

4. Anything known to be illegal (ie counterfit merchandise, stolen goods etc.)

*Any of these found to be posted will result in the removal of the post and the removal of the person that posted it from OMJ (Groups & Site) NO EXCEPTIONS! 

OMJ is here for you to buy and sell. If you all follow the guidelines set forth, it will be good for everyone. If you do not, the group will be no good and will eventually die. So the success or failure of OMJ on FB is solely in your hands. If you want to avoid MANY of these guidleines, simply join

A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you think something you are doing may cause a “RED FLAG” to other group members, DON’T DO IT!

*RETAILERS – OMJ defines retailers as anything posted that is not a used or unused but personally owned household item.

Editor’s Note: There is a much more technically detailed version of this document, complete with the exact Facebook errors, available at: if you would like to read it. If you want a DETAILED understanding of what’s led to this, you can read it here. It might also provide you with some forewarning if you plan to open you own groups. (Yeah, we know someone will do that too. lol)

One last note: By being a member in OMJ, you agree to abide by all the usual legal mumbo-jumbo. You can read that as well at

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