About OMJ! One Man’s Junk

The OMJ! concept was born on January 13, 2011, completely by accident, in search of a dog. The concept of Social Selling was a BIG hit. Because it grew so fast, we built the web site to support it. After listening to what our members wanted and looking at the things people didn’t like about those “OTHER” selling sites on the internet, we built OMJlist with 3 main things in mind.

1. Member Safety

2. Help People/Customer Service

3. Make it profitable for Members

Today, we have a HUGE vision for the future of One Man’s Junk and although the site is LIVE, it is far from being done. As a matter of fact, it will probably never be “DONE” because we will always be making improvements and will strive to continue to set the standard for the future of the internet.

The Mission Of One Man’s Junk!

To build a SAFE, POSITIVE Online Community where people can help each other with advice and deals on goods and services. A place where the Retailer is NOT king, the economy DOESN’T dictate and KARMA does exist. Follow the Golden Rule…Do unto to others as you would have done to you. Thanks for being a part of the One Man’s Junk Community. Keep JUNKIN’!



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