Sharing Photos to OMJ

This doesn’t affect Text Only Posts:

If you’re posting simple text-posts, these aren’t affected. You can continue to make text posts like normal. Those have no effect on the functionality we’re trying to fix.

New Features

We didn’t want to simply just try to fix the problem without adding some new features while we were doing it. We decided if we had to change things around we should at least attempt to make it better while we’re at it. So now we’ve added more ways for you to share your photos here on OMJ. Now you will be able to:

  • Share photos from OMJLIST straight to any OMJ group(s) you are a part of on Facebook or any FB groups you want to really. (still as much and as often as you like
  • Share photos from our OMJ Facebook page to here on the group. (
  • Share photos from your own personal wall here on the group.
    Even share photos from any other FB Groups you may be a part of to OMJ! 

New 24-Hour Rule

In addition, we’ve added a new rule to the Terms and Conditions that says you can now bump or repost your postings every 24 hours (provided thay have been dormant for at least 24 hours), rather than once every 48 hours. So you get more ways to share, more exposure for your items, AND you can make sure people see them more frequently!

How to Share Photos (the new way)

There’s not a lot of difference to the new way, so you won’t have to learn anything new.

Sharing from OMJLIST.COM

With, you can share individual ads or link to the list of all your ads.To do this:

  1. Open the ad or page you would like to share on OMJLIST.
  2. Mouse over the orange Share button at the top of the page and choose Facebook from the fly-out list.


  3.  A box/page should open. In the dropdown menu, choose to share in a group


  4. Type in the name of the group in the space provided (usually you can type in the county & the group name will come up), 

  5. Type any thing you want say in the other space provided & click Share! 

That should share your ad or a link to your list of ads in the group of your choice.

Sharing from Your Own Facebook Wall, our OMJ Facebook Page, or another Facebook group

  1. Go to the wall of your page, or our page, and press “Photo” to start uploading a photo.
  2. Choose “Upload a photo” like you normally would. 
  3. Select the photo from your computer and press “Share” 
    Your new photo will now appear on the wall. 
  4. RIGHT UNDER YOUR PHOTO will be a link called “Share.” Click it. 
  5. You will see the “Share This Photo” screen pop up and the default will be “On your own timeline.” Select the option “In a Group”.
  6. Start typing the group name, for example “One Man’s Junk….” and you will see the option for all your favorite OMJ groups appear in the list. 
  7. Click the group you want to share with and press “Share Photo” 

It might sound confusing, but I promise it’s not! It’s the same way you used to share photos, with one extra step added in. This prevents our group’s photo wall from getting full of pictures and breaking the group again.

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