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OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC
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by April Foy on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC

I've been a part of the OMJ! experience from near the beginning and I must say that I am extremely pleased with it. When I shop around on OMJ!, I feel safe and that feeling is priceless. They have gone above and beyond what most people would have done to give us a sense of safety and community in an online format. I love OMJ! and recommend it to friends and family who want to buy/sell/trade at a "location" that truly values people.

by Lisa on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC
Million Dollar Idea!

I'm no psychic but I see One Man's Junk becoming the next Internet brain child and as a local, I am tickled to death to be one of the first to get on board! The system has a brilliant format that is safe and honest which has become a rarity in life these days so congratulations to OMJ! God bless you for helping out the little guy with big dreams by creating a place that we can buy/sale/trade safely and easily! FANTASTIC!

by Kelly Browniing on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC
OMJ Best Site for Selling on the Net!!!

I have been a VIP member on OMJ for a little over a month now. I have sold MANY items. The Admin teams goes out of their way to help you, listens and follows through with all of your request and question. No other selling site on the web allows you to share your listings on facebook, myspace and twitter just to name a few. There is no charge to list your items as there are on Ebay and you don't have the worry of spammers and the worry of your personal safety as you do on Craigslist. I highly recommend OMJ List to everyone!

by Jada Starr on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC
Items Sold

First, Thank you for the opportunity to become part of such a wonderful site for selling merchandise.

I have sold 5 items from this site...and OMJ is becoming my only selling site. I enjoy making new friends from this site. I have requested all my friends from FaceBook to join OMJ. Weather you are sell from home or your place of business, you can trust that the customers are REAL and the addresses are correct. (Verified Members)/(VIP Members) I am very proud to be apart of OMJ, Thanks Again, and God Bless, Jada Starr

by Mary Johnson on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC
All About the $$$

I sold my diamond ring one here for $90 about 3 weeks ago. I have a very happy young lady out there who got a great engagement ring!!! Thanks OMJ !

I sold my playhouse and and swing set and slide combo set on here about 3 days after that-- it was a cpl days before Christmas, so a little girl got a grand morning when she woke up Christmas day!!! Thank you OMJ!

I had a 10gallon aquarium that I finally sold last weekend... So I am acquiring more and more happy customers... I love the whole idea of sharing ones junk to turn into someone's treasure... Thank you for the opportunity to become part of such a wonderful outlet for sharing merchandise.

by Jennifer Wilcox on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC
OMJ Spectacular

I have been a member of OMJ for a little over one month. The service that OMJ provides is exactly what I was looking for. I needed to de-clutter my home and my life, not to mention I have made too many trips to the local donation center this year! Tax right-offs are great, but there is nothing like cash in hand, so I thought I would give it a try. I began looking around my house for those items that I really didn't need or want any longer and listed them. Immediately I began to get hits on my items. The process is simple, so even us "over 40" folks can comfortably move around the site. The more you work with the OMJ website, the better you get, and the more items you sell! Being active on the site, posting status updates and updating your listings makes the world of difference. In a nutshell, the more you are seen, the more you sell! Several aspects of OMJ's website are so different from the alternative selling sights; I like that I can view all of my listings together and that I can categorize them. I absolutely LOVE the "hit" and "hot" factors. I am thrilled when I see the hits on one of my items go up, and when you have 100 hits on an item, it is systematically noted as "hot"! I have 30 plus items listed and will continue to list more. I have sold items from books and Barbies to wrestling shoes and go-cart helmets. OMJ allows several pictures of your items to be easily uploaded per listing or in an album. The sharing function gets your listings directly to other applications such as Facebook and to the OMJ FB page for additional viewing by thousands of local people. I look forward to the continued growth of One Man's Junk!

by Kelly Scott on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC

I absolutely love OMJ!? It ROCKS! From the very first day I started using OMJ I fell in love with its concept and vision for a better selling site. I told my husband from day one that this site would be huge! Better than any other site I know of, OMJ is safe and very user friendly. The owners are awesome people and they have started an amazing site. I tell everyone I meet about it. I can't resist telling others all about the site. I can talk with someone about it for days. Its is so simple to use and the categories make searching for specific things much quicker and easier. The verification process is simple and costs so little for the sense of security you have knowing who you are dealing with. Thanks so much OMJ for making a site that is safe, user-friendly, and a huge help in today's economic situation! I can't say it enough OMJ ROCKS! ;0)

by Ashley Hudson on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC

OMJ is so different from other websites, it's more personal. I was having a problem with another member on here and e-mailed the man who started the site. Honestly, at first I thought he was just sending me some generic response. But, when I e-mailed him again and explained how I felt, I got an honest response and he explained to me he never meant to make the e-mail sound generic he was just honestly trying to help me. That was the day I realized how personal this site is. I have sold and bought from OMJLlist.com and from OMJ facebook, and I must say this is a great place to do business. I hope everyone has a great experience with this site like I did and still do.

by Carolyn Helms Robertson on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC

I love OMJLIST. I think this is an amazing site.You don’t have all the drama you have on the facebook sites and haven’t had to deal with rude comments/messages like I get on omj facebook. Also everyone I have met off of the omjlist site are very friendly and haven’t had any problems with customers not showing up, like I have had on the facebook sites or craigslist. I’m a verified member and since becoming one my business has increased. I have been selling on ebay for about 2 year , also have a online store,and have sold on craigslist. But the fees on ebay are causing price increases on my products and I’m losing business. I don’t sell on craigslist any longer because it not as safe as it used to be. I don’t have these problem on omjlist. I can’t wait to see were this site goes in the future. I would like to thank everyone that had a hand in creating this amazing site. Thanks Again and God Bless

by Jenny Copeland on OMJ! One Man's Junk, LLC

I love OMJlist. There is no drama and a lot of nice people on here. I have sold and bought quite a bit since I started using this site. I don’t have to worry about rude unwanted comments like on FB and when I deal with a verified member I know who I am dealing with. This is a great feature because it allows me to feel safe. Also, there are no hidden fees like on Ebay. Criagslist has always been a horrible idea to me after the tragic things that happened. I love OMJlist and will always use it to buy and sell. Hope to see this site grow and grow in the near future.

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